Miley Cyrus Can Sing 'Happy Birthday' to a Drag Queen Any Ole Way She Wants (VIDEO)

miley cyrus sing drag queenOkay, get ready to put on your "shocked and disapproving" face: Miley Cyrus sang "Happy Birthday" to a drag queen and sweet niblets, that was some kinda dirty version of "Happy Birthday"! So dirty, in fact, I can't tell you anything else about Miley's serenade in honor of a good friend's big day (drag queen Vicky Vox) until after the jump. But suffice it to say, you should definitely be looking shocked and disapproving in anticipation.

NOT. Can somebody please explain to me why we're supposed to be all scandalized every time Miley Cyrus acts like an adult? And I don't mean adult in the "Miley Cyrus filed her taxes on time" sense, I mean young adult. In the "Miley Cyrus wore some trampy-looking outfit to the club! And then she threw her hands in the air and waved 'em like she just don't care!" Miley Cyrus may be 19 years old, but those 19 years haven't exactly been typical.


She's seen a few things in her day, you know? Not to mention the fact that she's practically a married woman!

Anyway, you're probably dying to know what Miley Cyrus sang to her drag queen pal by now. And it was actually very sweet, I must say:

Happy birthday to Vicky Vox, with those big ole big t**ties … happy birthday, Vicky Vox.

Awww. And yes, I'm being serious about that "awww!" If you've ever had the good fortune to be friends with a drag queen, you know that "big ole big t**ties" is quite the compliment! I'm sure Vox was tickled pink! (She was wearing pink, after all.)

What do you think of the birthday serenade Miley Cyrus gave her drag queen friend?

Image via TMZ

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