'50 Shades of Grey: The Musical' Sings What You're Thinking About the Book (VIDEO)

50 shades of grey the musicalSo tell us: How do you feel about Fifty Shades of Grey? Love it? Hate it? Hate to love it? Sick to death of it? So many people are STILL arguing over this book that it's forced some to start singing their commentary.

That's right, it's come to this. Fifty Shades of Grey: The Musical. May God have mercy on our souls.

Yes, a brilliant group of artists have gathered three of the dominant opinions on this famous book and set them all to music. What was once the cacophony of passionate debate has been woven into the sweet, sweet harmony of an old-fashioned Broadway musical. Put on your jazz shoes and have a listen.


So first we have the lover: "And my boring life as a plain housewife I can dream of being sexually abuuuused!" Then we have the hater: "Every page I read makes my eyeballs bleed!" And then, the man who hates to love the book: "I hope that no one realizes that I am loving it, every bit, ohhhh hope nobody finds out I am reading ..."

Fifty Shades of Grey. We've seen lovers and haters debate this book for months here at The Stir. Who knew all this commentary would sound so fantastic all at once?

Falala! The only voice missing from this video is mine. And it would go something like this: "Whyyyyyy are we still talking about this one lousy book? There is other smut! You're all in a rut! So many wonderfully pornographic books for you to read!" Just a suggestion.

Which voice in the musical represents yours?


Image via AVbyte/YouTube

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