The 'Real' Christian Grey Looks Like a Serial Killer Underwear Model! (PHOTO)

Hey, gals. For those of you huffing and puffing through the pages of Fifty Shades of Grey, I bet when you're deep into one of those sexy flogging/spanking/handcuffing scenes, you're picturing yourself as the flogee in question, Anastasia Steele. And you've probably also got a mental picture of the uber-master, Christian Grey, too. Maybe he looks like Ryan Gosling. Or Robert Pattinson. Maybe even your husband. (Ha. Joke.)

But you need no longer wonder what Christian Grey "really" looks like. A college professor in the UK used a forensic computer to come up with what Christian Grey's face should really look like. Are you ready? Are you all a-tingle? Behold! The REAL Christian Grey ...


Sooooo, is this the Christian you pictured? His face is a composite of the descriptions 12 female readers gave of the character as they picture him in their imaginations.

The professor who made the composite took the readers' Christian Grey descriptions and ran them through a software system normally used to come up with a face for crime suspects. So I guess this explains why this Christian Grey looks somewhat like a serial killer -- albeit one who also picks up occasional jobs modeling for Calvin Klein (and whose sexual orientation is the subject of much speculation).

Since the readers mostly compared him to various celebrities, Christian has the eyes of Patrick Dempsey, the chin of Brad Pitt, the face shape of David Beckham, and the lips of Val Kilmer. Left out is the obvious question of whose penis Christian has, but I guess that will be up to the Playgirl forensic computer software system.

Anyway, this Christian Grey doesn't exactly turn me on. Be gone, weird-looking, serial killer, bisexual underwear model Christian! You'll always be Ryan Gosling to me.

Is this your idea of Christian Grey?


Image via University of Central Lancashire

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