Kim Kardashian Spills Style Secrets, Including Painting Your Hair (VIDEO)

kim kardashianIf I was approached on the street and forced to give my opinion on Kim Kardashian's getting ready routine, I'd have to guess that she dunks her entire body in a bath of the world's most expensive concealer, takes three fingers' worth of black charcoal and rubs it in her eye sockets, then has one of her glam squad members paint her hair on. Thankfully we can stop all the guesswork because Kim's just released a video tutorial on how to get the Kim Kardashian look for a night on the town.

Turns out I was wrong about the concealer bath and the charcoal, but I was dead on with the painting on the hair.


Kim doesn't mention what's happening, but the video shows her hairstylist painting on the model's hair with a paint brush around the minute and a half mark. Then again later on. Guess that's the real secret to looking like Kim for date night.

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What Kim does talk about, though, is the importance of knowing your body type and how to dress for it, the power of false eyelashes, and she finishes it all up with a plug for her perfume. According to Kim, one spritz of her scent and your look is complete.

I'm not quite sure who these tips actually benefit besides wannabe Kardashian, Adrienne Bailon. It's not as if most of us want to go out for the evening looking like a half-assed (pun intended!) version of Kim. Plus, she wears more makeup in one night than I'll ever wear in my entire life -- it's rare that anyone outside of Hollywood has the need for such heavy cosmetics.

That said, the final product is not that bad. Kim's model looks classy and chic. Totally red-carpet ready. Thing is, the only red carpet most of us see on a Friday night is of the Outback Steakhouse variety. There are decidedly fewer flash bulbs going off when I dig into a Bloomin' Onion than when Kim enters a hot L.A. club. Just a few.

Check out Kim's tips and let me know: Do you think her look is too glam and overdressed for most of us?


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