Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise's Divorce Seems to Be Playing Out According to Plan

tom cruise katie holmesThe latest out of TomKat Splitsville: The two have agreed to let their lawyers attempt negotiations for a complete divorce settlement. In New York. Meaning all that talk of Tom Cruise being furious with Katie Holmes filing for divorce in the Big Apple? Rumors that he would most definitely try to whisk her back to L.A. to do battle in a California court? Whatta bunch of bunk! In fact, if they can actually hash things out in this seemingly peaceful, calm, collected, and very private way, they won't have to go to court at all.

We shouldn't be surprised. The way things are going down right now were probably tightly calculated from the get-go.


As much as the Cruise Spin Machine seems to want us to believe that he was shocked by Katie's filing and that they were headed toward an extremely contentious divorce and custody battle, I don't buy it. Especially now that they're suddenly "playing nice" and might be able to tie all of this up in a courteous settlement out of court. If it was the contracted business deal of a marriage that we suspect, there was no other way for it end than in this neat, tidy, extremely micromanaged way.

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Even those who think the union was for real shouldn't be surprised that TomKat are handling their divorce behind closed doors. While jumping on couches might be his style, a public showdown of a divorce isn't. There's just too much about his personal life he'd prefer to keep under wraps.

Too bad. This quiet, civilized settlement could very likely mean a lot less wacky Scientology-tinged, Hollywood-hued dirt satisfying our our daily gossip fix. But if it's what's best for Suri and will ultimately save Katie a lot of stress, we'll live!

Are you surprised that the TomKat divorce could be settled in a civilized way -- out of court -- or do you think it was bound to go down this way?

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