Man Breaks Into Diddy's Mansion, Tries on His Clothes, Raids His Fridge ... And Isn't Impressed

P. Diddy's house that Quamine Taylor visitedWhen it comes to Hamptons living, some of Hollywood's biggest stars know how to do it right. Take P. Diddy for example. His multimillion-dollar Hamptons abode where he usually hosts his famous white party is drop dead gorgeous -- complete with a beautiful pool and lavish sundeck. Which is why I can't even blame Quamine Taylor, 30, for wanting the chance to hang there for a week or two and channel his inner rap mogul.

Get this: apparently back in March the 30-year-old with a history of mental illness broke in to Diddy's East Hampton house, indulged on his food, tried on his clothes, and enjoyed his booze before getting found out by the cops. Today, the man has finally been charged with trespassing and petit-larceny.

The kicker? A. This is the SECOND time the man's visited Diddy's house. He was also found there once in 2001. B. Taylor says he isn't even a fan of Diddy. He wanted to "escape the city for a while." Oh, he also said "it's not anything too special."

... and I'm dead.


Living like a celebrity isn't something that most normal people like you and me will ever experience. The expensive digs, unlimited alcohol, people to do things for you at your beck and call ... it's all part of the gig. If Taylor was just going to the Hamptons for a "good night's sleep," he wouldn't have felt the need to go through Diddy's closets and his kitchen, popping expensive bottles of who knows what.

Taylor clearly wanted to feel like a baller. That baller goes by the name of P. Diddy. Even though he says he's not "a big fan of his," I'm thinking his actions say otherwise. I mean come on -- why else would he break into the rap star's house ... twice.

Can you believe this?! If you could hang out with any celebrity in the Hamptons, who would it be?


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