New Divorce Details Make Tom Cruise Look Like Christian Grey

tom cruise katie holmesE.L. James' fantasy man Christian Grey may be a lovable control freak, but not sure the same can be said of the very real Tom Cruise ... Now that battle lines have been drawn between Camp Tom and Camp Katie, the details about what drove them apart are slowly trickling out, and the latest report in TMZ offers what they believe is a major -- if not the only -- cause for Katie pulling the trigger on the divorce: Tom's Fifty Shades-esque behavior.

Apparently, according to sources close to Katie, Tom controlled her "like a puppetmaster ... making every major and even minor decision in her personal and professional life" and "in the end, she felt like she couldn't breathe without his permission." They go on to report specific instances where Tom treated Katie like his very own Stepford wife ...


Apparently, movie studio-connected sources say Tom executed an "Art Kill" back when Katie was doing Thank You for Smoking in 2005. In other words, he told producers to "kill" any promo photos that showed Katie and Aaron Eckhart kissing or doing "anything else compromising." And then when she did Batman Begins, Katie was forbidden from flying with the rest of the cast and could only travel on Tom's private jet. Another source says Morgan Freeman was "disgusted" by the situation. I can imagine!

As someone who has always prided herself on being an independent woman, someone who would never allow her partner to be in the driver's seat of my life, I'm having trouble just wrapping my head around how or why Katie put up with this for so long. But women fall for control freak men and make up excuses for them all the time. Maybe she just thought he was trying to protect her and always had her best interest at heart ... But I find that hard to believe. Considering what we know of Tom, it's more likely he was just looking out for #1.

Thank goodness she reached her breaking point and decided enough was enough (or thank goodness she only contractually owed him five years of this nonsense!).

Are you surprised by these stories about Tom's control freak behavior? Why do you think Katie put up with it?

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