If Kris Humphries' Ex Is Pregnant, We Want a Reality Show -- Now! (VIDEO)

Ever since Kim Kardashian gave her ex-husband, Kris Humphries, the heave-ho after 72 days of marriage, he has been quite a busy boy. He got involved with a woman named Myla Sinanaj, and this relationship makes the one with Kim look healthy. At one point, Kris supposedly called the FBI on Myla because she was threatening to release stuff about him. But that's NOTHING compared to the latest gossip -- Myla is pregnant! And, oh yeah, Kris is the daddy. Hey, remember how Kris told Kim he was ready to have her start popping out babies and she was like, Meh. I think I'm gonna divorce you and date Kanye instead? Well, if this report is true, let's hope Kris is still ready to be a da-da.


TMZ says that the usual "sources" say that Myla is three months along. And that she plans on keeping the baby and raising it herself because she didn't like the way Kris "betrayed her" in the press. But here's the kicker! Although she and Kris speak on a regular basis -- she hasn't told him she is pregnant. But, uh, we all know. So, Kris probably knows now too. Um, congrats, buddy. Sorry I knew before you.

Yesterday, Myla sent out this announcement tweet:

Which is a weird one, right? "Dressed like his daddy"?? Sounds like a message to you-know-who if you ask me!

Kris is involved in a lawsuit over the divorce from Kim and is reportedly seeking $7 million to smooth over his bruised ego. This has been the reason he's all in a brouhaha with Myla -- because if he's been in a relationship with her for so long, than he might not get the money. He swore in court that Myla was "just a friend." Hm, maybe a friend with bebe-fits!

I wish the post-marriage was being filmed, because the Kardashian shows are getting pretty boring. But one good thing might come out of this if Myla really does have a little Hump. Reality show!

Do you think Myla is really pregnant?

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