Britney Spears’ Corny Vacation Photo Shows She’s Finally Gotten It Together

britney spearsNothing can restore your faith in humanity quite like an ice cream float served to you in an old timey diner and a good, quality family photo. They're both so dear, so easy to love, and so cherishable that you can't help but feel uplifted just looking at them. Britney Spears was in Hawaii this week and while she didn't post any photos of a vanilla shake, she did share a pic of herself with her two sons, Jayden James, 5, and Sean Preston, 6, and fiance Jason Trawick. And, well, the family photo makes me happy. Britney seems to be glowing from the inside out and someone who looks so innocently radiant can't (still) be gobbstoppers crazy, can they?


Britney's gotten a lot of heat recently for her alleged X-Factor antics like walking off set for hours on end and seeming out of it at the judges' table, but come on. Look at that happy mother of two in that photo and tell me she's not a changed person.

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm Team Britney, betch.

This one Twit Pic encapsulates my hopes and dreams for Britney. She's got a sane and stable man by her side, her kids are healthy and vivacious, her eyes are focused, and her hair is ... present. It's what I've wanted for her ever since she and Justin Timberlake broke up and she started seeing Kevin Federline. Those were some dark days, my friends. I don't think I need to remind anyone about the umbrellas, the head shaving, the gurneys, and the paparazzo boyfriend. Oof.

Yeah, I'm reading too much into this stupid photo but SO WHAT. I just want Britney to succeed. I just want to watch her on X-Factor and not cringe. I just want to be sure that she's never introduced to Tara Reid's drug dealer. All simple requests, really.

And if I get hope from this photo, so might she.

Thoughts on Britney?


Photo via britneyspears/Twitter

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