Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez's Love Was Too Squeaky-Clean to Last

selena gomez justin bieberWhile we grownups can't seem to talk about much of anything these days other than the TomKat divorce, tweens may have their own bombshell breakup on their hands ... TMZ is reporting that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's teen love has been off-again, on-again for a while now. Oh noes!

A source says Biebs and Selena most recently ended their adorably PG-rated love affair last week ... but have since decided to give their relationship another go. Sort of. And supposedly, the situation is not "solid," and they're just figuring things out. Ah well ... even if it is bound to end sooner rather than later, no big loss!


That whole "Oh, we see eye-to-eye on the big things -- like pop music and waiting for sex 'til marriage!" thing was only adorable for, well ... a nanosecond! Now it's time for both Biebs and Selena to put on their big kid pants, grow up, and find hot new love interests.

For one thing, because it'll be so much more entertaining. Following two way too squeaky-clean teens flounce around L.A. holding hands is booooring! Think of it this way ... The reason we were so fascinated by Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears as a couple was because there was no way hose two were actually having the G-rated romance their publicists would have had us believe! Heeyyy-ell no. And how about more recent teenybopper lovebirds Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens? Do you think what they were up to would have passed a "safe for Disney" litmus test? Having met those two, I have one word response for that Q: Doubtful!

But JB and SG? You can just see how innocent and naive those two are ... at least when they're with one another. They clearly need to find other, more worldly, less sheltered partners to help them grow up. Maybe what they had was puppy love, but like most high school sweethearts who've stowed their caps and gowns for good, it's time to break up and move on ... to some college-age debauchery! Now how fun will that be to watch?!

Are you a fan of these two together or would you rather see them break up and move on with other people?


Image via London Entertainment/Splash News

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