Kristen Stewart Earns More Than Robert Pattinson, But Does She Deserve To?

Robert Pattinson & Kristen StewartTwilight hunk Robert Pattinson just nabbed a coveted spot on the annual list of Forbes' highest paid actors, coming in at number 11. Rob made a cool $26.5 million this past year, which is also the exact same amount that his co-star, Taylor Lautner, raked in as well. (Not bad for a vampire & a werewolf, respectively.)

But even though $26.5 million isn't exactly chump change, it's hard not to wonder if Rob's annual salary makes him a little bit intimidated by his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, considering she makes even more than he does.


Kristen actually topped the Forbes list of highest paid actresses, with a paycheck of $34.5 million last year.

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Considering their collective salary came in at $61 million, Rob & Kristen are definitely one of the richest young couples in Hollywood. But it's tough to ignore that she did pull in $8 million more, which makes her the sugar mama in this whole equation. Ok, ok, so maybe sugar mama is pushing things a little too far. But Kristen does have a pretty strong personality, so it's easy to picture her exercising her bragging rights a little bit and teasing Rob about being worth more in Hollywood than he is. (She's a feisty one.)

Of course, there is a possibility that the subject of who brings home more dough isn't even an issue for these two, since they seem so devoted and committed to each other. And when you make as much money as they do, $8 million isn't really that large of a difference. But it will still be pretty interesting to see how each of them fare on the list next year, since the Twilight saga will officially come to an end with the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Do you think Robert deserves to be paid more money than Kristen?


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