Katie Holmes Certainly Doesn’t Look ‘All Right’ (VIDEO)

tom cruise katie holmes suri cruiseOkay, my heart was already bleeding tiny but significant droplets of empathy for Katie Holmes (she's a bazillionaire, but a legitimately suffering bazillionaire, so, y'know?). But now that she's BROKEN HER SILENCE (!!!), speaking to the press for the first time since her split with Tom "Svengali" Cruise, I'm thisclose to calling the girl up and inviting myself over to her luxury digs for a single mom sob session.

She didn't say much to the reporters who cornered her in an NYC Whole Foods with a shopping cart full of sleepy kid and burger fixings, but it's what she said that makes me sad: When asked how she was doing, Holmes responded courteously and simply: "I'm all right. Thank you."

Except if you look at the recent pics of Holmes, sharing a cone at the ice cream shop with Suri on Tom's 50th birthday or pushing the aforementioned cart through the aisles of produce with Suri's blankie and stuffed lamb draped over one arm, it's clear that Holmes is not all right.


How could she be? But she's putting on a brave face for her daughter, and that's the part that gets me.

Holmes is trying to keep Suri's daily life as predictable and unremarkable as any little girl's summer days would be: Hey, let's go out for ice cream! or Come on, we need to pick up a few things at the grocery store. You can bring your blankie.

And I respect her for that, as I respect her more and more for standing up to what is apparently an even creepier cult than we thought. I mean, every time I hear about yet another secret Scientology ritual or how former Scientologists fear for Katie and Suri's safety the more I'm like, Damn, it must've taken serious guts for Holmes to leave!! Good for her!

And good for her that she didn't grab that reporter's tape recorder in Whole Foods and tell the world everything she knows. Instead, she went the classy route and chose a plain and dignified untruth:

I'm all right. Thank you.

Do you think Katie Holmes is really "all right" or is she just faking it for Suri?

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