Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Are Friends With Benefits CONFIRMED (VIDEO)

Do you know how you know if a celebrity is lying? Their lips are moving! Seeeeeriously. You know how for months Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been all, Whaaaaat, you crazy people, we are not dating!! Yeah, we hang out together all the time, but that is just, because, we are like friends, and you people are SICK for suggesting otherwise! Okay, forget all that, 'cause it seems like they ARE dating. Shocker!

Apparently the two love birds, who have known each other since Mila was 14 years old and Ashton's costar on That 70s Show were all over each other on a recent date.


Word has it they were sitting together on a couch, touching each other, fondling each other, rubbing hands through each other's hair, kissing each other, blah blah blah, GET A ROOM ALREADY!!

I honestly don't know why celebs always deny they are in a relationship. Mila even said the rumors were "absurd." Since when does absurd = You are exactly right. Oh, that's right, it does if you're a celebrity. Or maybe they think that their personal life is none of our beeswax? Hey, they should know by now that we're a bunch of nosy barkers who want to know what's going on between the sheets. (And if you clicked into this YOU want to know too, I don't care what you say.)

What is the big deal here? Why the denials? Maybe it was because Ashton just got out of his marriage, like, ten seconds ago? At any rate, it's kind of interesting that they both starred in movies about friends with benefits and now they are friends with benefits? Talk about Method Acting!

I think Mila and Ashton make a cute couple, though I think she deserves a loooooot better. But something tells me they will still deny it. So I'm gonna say it. Mila and Ashton are daaaating! Mila and Ashton are luuuuuuvahs! (Supposedly.)


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