Andy Griffith Dead at 86: Ron Howard & Other Stars Remember Mayberry’s Top Cop (VIDEO)

andy griffithIt sounds like we lost another star this morning. Andy Griffith died at the age of 86 according to close friend, former University of North Carolina president Bill Friday. Griffith put the iconic small town Mayberry on the map in his role as a sheriff and father on The Andy Griffith Show. He later starred in the television series, Matlock.

CBS News has just confirmed Griffith's death. And here's how celebs are responding to the news that we've lost Sheriff Andy. Remember Opie?


Ron "Opie" Howard says, "Andy Griffith His pursuit of excellence and the joy he took in creating served generations & shaped my life I'm forever grateful RIP Andy."

Glee "Warbler" Curt Mega tweeted, "The Andy Griffith Show was truly one of my favorites growing up. Griffith is a legend of hard work and charm. Sad day."

Film critic Roger Ebert tweeted, "'What it Was, Was Football.' The 1953 stand-up routine that made Andy Griffith a star"

Octavia Spencer had a strong reaction: "RIP Andy Griffith!!! Sadness abounds!!!"

Country singer Amy Grant says, "From Team Amy -- Go Rest High on that Mountain, Andy Griffith.

Denise Richards says, "We lost a legend... rip Andy Griffith."

Lost and Victorious actor Eric Lange says, "RIP Andy Griffith. My family spent hours and hours around the TV watching The Andy Griffith Show. Some great memories there. Thank you."

A few years ago singer Brad Paisley filmed a video with Andy Griffith for his song, "Waiting on a Woman."

Ralph Macchio (remember, the Karate Kid?) reminds us all what we should be doing today: "Take a moment and whistle 'The Andy Griffith Show' theme today -- finger snap optional -- RIP Andy Griffith."

And in case you need a little help, here's a Beyonce mash-up with the Andy Griffith Show theme song and "Single Ladies." Here's how he wanted to be remembered.


Were you a fan of The Andy Griffith Show or Matlock?


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