Katie Holmes Isn't Wearing Her Wedding Ring Because She Wants to Be Left Alone (PHOTO)

katie holmes no wedding ringAnd the TomKat split is official on yet another level: Katie Holmes has been spotted (and photographed, naturally) without her wedding ring. Holmes and her naked ring finger were snapped in New York City, where the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Tom Cruise was filming an episode of Project Runway: All Stars. Or perhaps I should say, where the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Tom Cruise was ostensibly filming an episode of Project Runway but was mainly being followed around by paparazzi and looking very sad. (Also very thin. And very tired.)

So sad and thin and tired, in fact, that even though my cynical/realistic side tells me Holmes probably knew exactly what she was signing on for when she wed the couch-jumping Cruise, my less cynical/idealistic side tells me it's time to leave this poor, suffering, stalked-by-Scientologists woman alone, already.


Yes, Holmes is a public figure by choice. Yes, Holmes has been and will continue to be incredibly well-compensated for sacrificing her privacy. Yes, Holmes will be spared much of the financial and practical struggles most single mothers face (myself included).

But just take a good look at this picture of Holmes. She is OBVIOUSLY completely exhausted, physically, mentally, emotionally ... the woman is drained. She needs to sleep and eat and hang out with her girlfriends and cry and laugh and get angry. She needs to go to the movies and take Suri out for ice cream and go to bed at 7 p.m. with a good book and a bottle of wine. She needs to do all of these things, and she needs to have none of these things end up on the cover of a magazine.

Will Katie Holmes get what she needs? I doubt it. Not yet, at least. Hopefully before it's too late.

Do you think Katie Holmes deserves privacy right now?

Image via Splash

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