Did Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise Really Have a 'Marriage Contract'?

Probably the oddest rumor regarding Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' marriage is that Katie signed a contract with Tom to play the role of wife, and in return she'd receive a salary and Hollywood prestige. She'd even get a bonus if she gave Tom children. Does this contract really exist? Rumor has it that Tom approached several other Hollywood hotties first -- among them Sofia Vergara (whom he dated for awhile), Scarlett Johansson, and Jessica Alba. Several years ago, a friend of mine mentioned that Jessica Alba had been approached by Tom, so seeing her name mentioned in the latest news stories gave me a shock of recognition. Still, there are always strange rumors going on about celebrities, and Tom Cruise has inspired more than most.


One source tells The Huffington Post that there was "absolutely not" a marriage contract between Tom and Katie, though it's likely she signed a pre-nup as well as a "non-disclosure" form. Since pre-nups generally do contain language regarding payouts tied to amount of years married and children begat -- whether you are a celebrity or Scientologist or regular Joe -- they can sound like "marriage contracts."

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Rumor also has it that Tom's selection of a new bride after his divorce from Nicole Kidman was heavily influenced by people within the Scientology network. But so what? Many people rely on their church or their family and friends to help select a potential mate. Hell, there are cultures where arranged marriages are still the norm.

I think people are interested in this aspect of things because we don't normally think of a celeb -- who can have anyone they want -- being influenced by their church of choice. And with Tom, the rumor mill also works in questions about his sexual orientation.

So did they have a marriage contract? I think like most urban legends, this one is a combination of fact and fiction. But maybe someday Katie will clear things up for us. If her contract allows it.

Do you think Tom and Katie had a marriage contract?


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