Kim & Kanye's Children's Hospital Visit Doesn't Change Their (Useless) Images

Kim Kardashian Kanye WestI've been mouthbreathing over this article for several minutes now, trying to figure out how to write it without sounding like a hateful douchebag. I don't think it can be done, though, so here goes: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West visited an LA children's hospital last week -- "going from room to room to lift the spirits of sick children" -- and instead of being impressed by their charitable spirit or their selfless contributions to mankind, this story just makes me want to roundhouse kick both of them in their diamond-studded genitals.

I know, I know. My heart is filled with crumpled-up pages of Us Weekly and moldy cat turds. I KNOW.

But SERIOUSLY. This is the couple that just happily posed for photos in Paris while cruising around in their $380,000 Lamborghini before playing snugglebunnies at their $2K+ hotel, then they come home, hit the gym and a "LaserAway" for a sweat/hair-removal sesh together, THEN stroll into a children's hospital, paparazzi in tow?

Give. Me. A. Break.


I mean, okay. Out of the various publicity, notice-us-NOW stunts these two might have embarked on last Friday, going to a children's hospital is a definite improvement over picking out another ridiculously overpriced sports car or whatever. And maybe their presence will create some attention for Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and for children like 19-year-old Alexandrea Vizcarra who are in desperate need of a match for a bone marrow transplant.

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But there's just something gross about these multi-millionaires -- celebrities who could toss out enough money to run the biggest blood drive the country has ever seen without their bank accounts even taking a hit -- moseying through a children's hospital that makes my skin crawl. These two people, who have built their entire brands around luxury lifestyles and pointless extravagance, visiting kids who are fighting for their lives? And parents who are probably half-insane with worry about the health of their kids in ADDITION to the burden of wondering how in the hell they're going to pay the ever-increasing medical bills?

Well, hopefully the media has shared the right message about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's presence at the hospital. Let's see, did they team up to talk about the importance of blood marrow donations, or how to support the hospital financially, or ... hm, did they at least get swabbed to see if either of them are a match, or ...

Oh. Apparently "Kim looked immaculate with freshly blow-dried hair, a crisp white suit, and a smile -- while Kanye kept things casual in denim, trainers, and a trademark moody stare."

Yep. Something tells me Brad and Angie's status as Hollywood's most famous philanthropists has no chance of being challenged by the skin-deep charity work of Kimye.

What's your take on this hospital visit from Kim & Kanye? Was there anything sincere about it, or was it all for show?

Image via Flickr/accidentalpaparazzi

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