Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Get Laser Hair Removal for Matching Smooth Skin

Kim Kardashian & Kanye WestThey already like to wear coordinating outfits, and now that Kim Kardashian & Kanye West were spotted leaving a laser hair removal clinic together, it sounds like they'll complement each other with their smooth skin too.

Kim & Kanye showed up in her black Rolls-Royce to have their treatments done, though it's not clear what areas of their body they were looking to make permanently hair free. But considering the fact that Kanye's mustache is still visible, I'm guessing they aren't concerned about unwanted facial hair. Their treatments must be concentrating on other (ahem) areas.


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(Nothing quite says "I love you" like having your hair follicles zapped with lasers to make sure things don't get overgrown and untidy.)

I guess it really isn't a huge shock that Kanye & Kim have hopped on the hair removal bandwagon considering what a huge trend it is right now. People are desperate to find alternative methods to waxing and shaving, and though laser hair removal can be quite pricey, it is supposedly very effective.

And if these two are going to such great lengths to achieve smooth and perfect skin, then it proves even more just how unpopular body hair is at the present time. The whole jungle thing is just so 1980s, and these days the smoother you are -- the better. When it comes to being sexy, hairless is definitely in -- and letting things go a bit more "au naturel" is out.

Have you tried laser hair removal yet?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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