D’Angelo Is Back But That Once Buff Bod Isn’t (VIDEO)

d'angelo bet awardsIt had been 12 years since D'Angelo made a TV appearance, so to say his performance at Sunday's BET Awards was highly anticipated is an understatement.

Let me just say, his voice did not disappoint. He belted out a seriously sensual update of "How Does It Feel" that would make any woman breathless. But I am sorry to report that while D'Angelo is most definitely back, his sexy is not. 


Those rock hard guns -- gone! And though that once-taut tummy was covered up by multiple layers, I'd bet that's gone too. To be far, it's been a loooonnnnng time. Everyone ages, gets a bit paunchier, but once upon a time, just hearing the name D'Angelo sparked visions of the most amazingly ripped body in the music.

d'angeloSeriously. I don't know one woman who literally didn't salivate over the teasing camera angles showing his near-naked physique in the “How Does It Feel” video. It even earned an approving "Oh my" from my 80-year-old auntie. (Need a refresher, see below!)

Nope, the years have not been so kind to the once super cut cutie in more ways than one. In the last decade, he had a car accident, was arrested for a DUI, and been in and out of rehab. But I suppose the most important thing has not faded one bit -- that voice. An eight-pack or not, D'Angelo had one of the best performances of the night.

Check out his drool-worthy "How Does It Feel" video:

D'Angelo | Myspace Video

See D'Angelo's impressive comeback performance:

What do you think of D'Angelo's comeback? Do you care if he is less sexy than before?

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