Kim Kardashian's Front Row BET Awards Seat Means She's on the A-List Now, Like It or Not

kim kardashian with kanye and jay-z beyonce BET awardsRemember the golden days of Hollywood? Not that long ago, it was considered an honor to be seated in the front row of an awards show. Every time the TV cams would pan to that section of the theater, the faces you'd encounter were the most respected folks in the entertainment biz. Now, we get Kim Kardashian front and center at last night's BET Awards ... cozying up to incredibly respected front-rowers Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z.

That's right -- whether we like it or not, thanks to her relationship with Kanye West, Kim has officially joined the ranks of the A-list! So, so bizarre.


So far, the foursome has been the ultimate "Hollywood power couple double date," and okay, yeah, Bey and Jay, 'Ye and Kim K are all at the forefront of pop culture today, so that's one, legit way of looking at it. But at the same time, it's like "one of these things is not like the others." You've got two supremely successful, multi-talented entertainers who are married (makes sense) with their buddy, the far-too-cocky but also successful rapper ... and then his reality star girlfriend who is in the middle of an embarrassing divorce and who jump-started her "career" with a sex tape. Oy.

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But that's the world we live in today! Kardashians everywhere, hanging out with Oprah, getting top billings and front row seats at fancy award shows. Kim becoming BFFs with someone like Beyonce, who by being genuinely, incredibly talented has actually earned her spot at the top. It may be a mind-boggler, but as long as Kim's carrying on her latest love affair with Kanye, we're stuck with her being treated like Hollywood royalty.

Does it weird you out that Kim Kardashian is suddenly being considered an A-lister?

Image via Christopher Polk/Getty Images

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