5 Celebs Whose Plastic Surgery Has Made Them Unrecognizable (PHOTOS)

jada pinkett smithThere's nothing wrong with a little nip here and a little tuck there, but some celebs out there need to know when enough is enough. I mean, when your face is so tight that it looks like it would be difficult to blink, that's probably a good stopping point. And bad plastic surgery isn't just for the over-40 set; nowadays, even the young stars in their 20s are getting Botoxed into oblivion. We prefer that women of all ages stay the natural course and age gracefully, but more and more that seems completely unrealistic.

Take these five women in Hollywood, for example. They've gotten so much cosmetic surgery that they're almost unrecognizable.


That's Jada Pinkett-Smith right there, in case you couldn't tell. The actress and mom attended the premiere of Madagascar 3 and people were a little taken aback by her new, tighter visage.

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And that's JWoww, there. The 26-year-old Jersey Shore star has been open about going under the knife, but we sort of hope she's done with the surgeries for a while.

julia allison

Julia Allison, the newest Bravolebrity who stars in the reality show Miss Advised, is only 30, but her injectables have accidentally aged her.

Courteney Cox must be best friends with her plastic surgeon because she seems to be in his office almost every week. The 48-year-old mother of one keeps messing with her gorgeous face and we're a little worried for her.

heather dubrow

Heather Dubrow of Real Housewives of Orange County fame is married to a high-profile plastic surgeon, but really, that's no excuse for her Robert Palmer backup-dancer-look.

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Photos via Splash News; D Dipasupil/Getty; Frazer Harrison/Getty; Splash News; Splash News

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