'True Blood' Recap: Sookie's Gonna Have a Sweet Love Hangover! (VIDEO)

alcide bill ericHonestly, I'm surprised it took Sookie this long to hit the bottle. I mean, jussayin' -- the past five seasons of True Blood have been loaded enough to make me want to, well, get loaded, and I'm just watching the whole thing unfold on the teevee. So I can hardly blame Sookie for raiding the liquor cabinet on tonight's episode, especially after Lafayette got all up in her face with that "angel of death" comment and then possessed her car and made it crash (not that she knows it was Lafayette who did that yet, but still!).

I'm glad Sookie did finally crumble and knock back a few horrible homemade cocktails, because if she hadn't been half in the bag when Alcide showed up at her front door? Well, I just don't know if her evening would've turned out to be half as hot as it did in fact turn out to be. Awww yeah, you see where I'm goin' with this one, right? Bowm-chicka-faerie-werewolf-wow-wow ... spoiler alert spoiler alert spoiler alert ...


That's right, Alcide and Sookie, sitting on the couch! K-I-S-S-I-N-YOWCH! And about dang time, too! Can you believe all it took was a little Baileys and Amaretto? So uptight for supernaturals. But anyway. Of course the best part of Sookie and Alcide's inaugural hook-up session was that Bill and Eric were watching the whole thing through the window. Who's cryin' tears of blood now, boys?

We'll see whether or not Alcide and Sookie get to get together again -- if the Ambiguously Gay Vampire Duo have anything to say about it, I kind of think this romance is gonna get nipped in the bud, as it were.

Anyway, the problems of three little -- um, people -- don't amount to a hill of beans in a crazy world where shifters is gittin' shot and little boy vampires are gittin' turned into goop by very effed up Authority members (not naming any names, Chris Meloni) and a couple of veterans with serious PTSD are being held at gunpoint in a basement and some dumbasses with badges are ... doing god knows what at a faerie strip club.

But I prefer to think about THOSE problems, don't you?

Do you think Alcide and Sookie will hook up again?

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