'True Blood' Spoiler: You NEVER Saw This Crazy Supernatural Creature Coming! (VIDEO)

alexander skarsgardAnything goes in Bon Temps, right? I mean, those of us who follow True Blood like it's the Pied Piper and we're ... whoever followed the Pied Piper around (I can't remember. Rats? Kids?) know that just when you think things can't get any crazier, they do. Get crazier. So when the buzz started about a new supernatural type creature being introduced in Season 5, the collective Truebie imagination took off running.

Zombies? Unicorns? Aliens? Bigfoot? The Loch Ness Monster? I mean, we're kind of running out of options here. Once you check vampires, werewolves, faeries, witches, all-purpose shifters, werepanthers and maenads off the list, what's left? I'll tell you -- but if you like surprises, don't read any further!! Seriously, here's your SPOILER ALERT!!! Stop right here!


Okay, I tried to warn you! If there's any truth to a recent tweet from Michael McMillian, aka the Rev. Steve Newlin, the supernatural creature soon to be joining Sookie and Eric and Bill and the gang is ... a BIG one. Like, really big. So big you'll be like, Whaaaa ... ? How are they gonna ... ? Where is it gonna ... ?

That's because according to McMillian, Bon Temps is getting its very own ... DRAGON!!!

I know, I know!!! A dragon?!?!

But that's what the tweet said:

There is a dragon. No joke.“@ktsammy: @McMillzz what is the new supernatural character that’s going to be joining

Honestly, I'm so shocked I don't even have any theories going yet as to where this dragon is going to come from or what it's going to do or if it's a dragon of the classic fire-breathing variety or what. But I CAN'T WAIT TO FIND OUT!!!

Ack!! Here, let's calm ourselves down watching this sneak peek of Episode #52:

What do you think the new supernatural creature on True Blood is going to be?

Image via trueblood/YouTube

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