Cory Monteith Reveals Finn's Heart Is Still With Rachel in 'Glee' Season 4 -- Squee!

season finale glee finn and rachelEver since the Glee season finale left us hanging like it did -- with Finchel seemingly headed off into the sunset to say "I do," then suddenly calling it quits (!!!) as Finn dropped Rachel off at the train to NYC -- we've been left wondering if one of our favorite couples on TV is destined to get back together or stay splitsville! Most fans would say there's no way Ryan Murphy can keep these two lovebirds apart for long, but we haven't really had any confirmation either way. Until now!

Perez Hilton says Cory Monteith recently addressed the breakup, discussing Finn's dream of joining the Army and what we might expect happening between his character and girlfriend Lea Michele's in the future ...


Cory dished:

Finn would make a good soldier but I think he's still got a lot to think about — he still has a lot going for him outside of the Army. His heart is still with Rachel, and I think he has a lot of reasons to not be in the Army as well. I think he'd be torn as a soldier.

Interesting, eh? Especially the part about how his "heart is still with Rachel" and he has "a lot of reasons not to be in the Army." Sounds like he's not so convinced that his character is getting shipped off and away from Rachel! Why else would Cory tease us so with this, if he didn't know that the future likely holds a reunion for these two? I've actually had a sneaking suspicion that he'll land in NYC regardless of his rejection from the Actors' Studio ... Something else will bring him out there, I just know it!

Cory confirmed that he's all about Finchel making it work, too, by saying he hopes we Gleeks "root for the couple to reunite" (we sure are!) and hopes that in the future, people will look back on Finchel as a "legendary couple in television." Aww. He doesn't have to hope. They've already carved out a space for themselves in our hearts next to Winnie and Kevin, Zack and Kelly, Joey and Pacey, and any other teenage dream couple we've loved to watch fall in love on the small screen.

Do Cory's comments give you hope that Finchel will get back together? Are you rooting for them?


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