Kim Kardashian & Kanye's Big Date at the Laser Removal Spa

Kim KardashianIs there anyone still cynical enough to think that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not a real couple? Pishaw! You probably think Kim's marriage was fake too. Jaded people! Well, if the Lamborghini birthday gift didn't convince you, then this should: Kimye went together to get laser hair removal.

Can you picture it: Kim on one table; Kanye on the other. Kim getting the hair on her chin and under her arms removed; Kanye maybe going for the smooth chest and I don't even want to know what else. Kim has admitted to being a "hairy Armenian," so I'm thinking her session took twice as long as his. This proves there is nothing like doing something girly with your man to keep your relationship sizzling -- not to mention well-groomed.

If you want to take a page from Kimye, here are some other formerly girls-only things you can do with your manly metrosexual.


Mani-Pedi. Getting your finger and toe nails clipped, buffed, shined, and painted isn't just for gals anymore. That's why it's called "Man-i." This also gives the two of you a chance to read US Weekly and Star together and see if you agree which celeb looks the worst without makeup.

Botox. More men are getting Botox. That's right, the crippling fear of showing your age is no longer just reserved for us gals. And getting injected with botulism together means you can both look deep into each other's eyes -- and not move your eyebrows.

Vaginal Rejuvination. More women are getting their vagina lasered so that it plumps up like the vag of a virgin. I'm not so sure this can be done on a saggy scrotum, but might as well try, right?

Vajazzling. This is the art of adding jewels and glitter to a woman's vagina area. Hey, Jennifer Love Hewitt does it! There's no reason a guy can't get "pejazzled." You could even make him get a pejazzle that says "I'm Married." Bwahaha!

Have you done any girly things with your man?


Image via Dave Gates/Flickr

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