Mom's 'Twilight' Obsession Lands Her a Night in Jail

Hey, you, Twilight fan! Yeah, you. You loved those books, didn't ya? And those movies? It's pathetic, really. And you checked a bunch of Twilight stuff out of the library, didn't ya? Didn't ya, punk? Don't get snippy with me. Did you return all that Twilight stuff to the library? I'll just stand here while you think. Reeeeal hard. Don't give me attitude! You don't know what I'm talking about? I'll tell you what I'm talking about, punk! I'm talking about your late fees for the Twilight crap! Don't play stupid with me. You owe $36! What the hell are you laughing for? All right, punk. Turn around. Hands behind your back!

A dialogue something like this may have gone down in New Mexico, where Lori Teel, a mother of five, was arrested in front of her children, and hauled off to jail, because she didn't return her Twilight material to the library. Running to check your bookshelves now, are ya?


Yes, incredibly, in a world where a man can yell at his girlfriend that he is "dedicated to hunting you down like a dog in the streets" in front of cops, and NOT go to jail (and then he killed her), a woman who owed the library $36 for Twilight material actually went to jail. This makes sense, right?

Police reportedly went to Lori Teel's home to investigate some kind of "disturbance," and while they were there, they realized she had a warrant out for her arrest. She brought her kids to a neighbor's home and spent the night in jail.

Apparently the original arrest warrant had been sent to an old address. And who even KNEW you could be arrested for not returning books? Give a mom a break! Maybe she got all caught up in a little solo fun time with RPattz and Taylor HOTner. That so wrong?! But Teel says she doesn't even remember checking the stuff out. (Suuure, she doesn't.)

Naturally, Teel says her smallest child is "traumatized" and she's lawyered up. Whether or not her night in the Big House means she should get a payout, I don't know, but being jailed for books? Really?! If people who are pulled over for speeding aren't hauled off to jail, I don't know why a Twilight-loving mom of five would be.

Do think this mom should have gone to jail?


Image via Camera Karrie/Flickr

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