10 Best 'Jersey Shore' Quotes on Love & Smushing

'Jersey Shore' cast

If there's one thing that Snooki, The Situation, Ronnie, and the rest of the Jersey Shore crew know about -- it's drinking. If there's one thing they don't really know too much about, it's love. OK, maybe that's being a little harsh. But watching the entire crew get down, dirty, and smushing from week to week doesn't really paint the picturesque image of a romance.

Which is exactly why listening to JWoww and the gang talk about all things love and sex makes me chuckle. What's better than taking sex advice from a bunch of intoxicated guidos and guidettes? My. Thoughts. Exactly.

Looking for a solid laugh? Then check out these 10 quotes on love and smushing from the Jersey Shore cast. Maybe you want to pin them on Pinterest (The Stir has its own Jersey Shoreboard ... check us out!):


Image via MTV


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