Seducing Rob Kardashian Could Make 'Bachelorette' Ali Fedotowsky Famous Again

Ali Fedotowsky

Well, well, well -- it looks like somebody is starting to realize that's she's no longer in the reality TV spotlight because former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky supposedly tried to hook up with Rob Kardashian while they judged the Miss USA pageant in Vegas.

According to one source, "Ali's goal all weekend was to hook up with Rob, and she kept telling friends it would happen."

Unfortunately for her, it didn't -- which makes this rumor even more embarrassing for Ali if it's true. Apparently Rob wasn't into her at all, which really isn't a huge surprise. He is a Kardashian after all, and Kardashians typically don't play tonsil hockey with reality TV stars who aren't quite on the same level as them. (Sorry, Ali -- but you aren't as famous as you think.)


Ali's rep (wait -- she has a rep?) is, of course, denying the story and calling it "completely untrue."

But you have to admit that Ali setting her sights on Rob Kardashian does kind of make sense. Ali has taken a back seat as far as getting any sort of attention goes now that Bachelorette fans are obsessed with Emily Maynard -- and the possibility of Ali's ex, Roberto Martinez, being the next Bachelor.

If Roberto does wind up taking the gig, Ali is bound to feel jealous & betrayed, but being romantically involved with someone much more high profile than Roberto (like a Kardashian) would certainly give her the upper hand. And it would definitely shift the buzz back in her direction instead of having all of the media attention focused on Roberto.

But even though hooking up with Rob Kardashian would be good for Ali in the fame department, it could also have the opposite effect and make her look like a total fame whore. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see who she's rumored to be hooking up with next before slapping that label on her.

Do you think Ali's 15 minutes of fame are finally up?


Image via ABC

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