Joe Manganiello's 'Magic Mike' Moves Will Make You Howl (VIDEO)

joe manganiello magic mikeHere's a rhetorical question for you: What's hotter than True Blood's wild werewolf Joe Manganiello showing off his stripper moves from Magic Mike? Exactly. NOTHING. And if there is anything hotter, I don't want to know, because frankly I don't think I'd be able to handle it. Come to think of it, if Manganiello demonstrating the "Body Roll" wearing a suit was that sexy, watching him dance half-naked onscreen will be ... well, let's just say they should sell smelling salts instead of popcorn at Magic Mike. Thank you Andy Cohen and Watch What Happens Live for making this Magic Manganiello Moment possible.

Even the banter on Watch What Happens was hot: Between manscaping on the Magic Mike set and which male co-star Manganiello would consider crushing on (you know, if he was into that kind of thing), the interview did NOT disappoint. And aren't you just dying to know the details?


You'll just have to watch the clip to hear all the juicy bits, but I'll tell you this much for now: Apparently Joe was one of the "guys who didn't have to wax" for Magic Mike and he says Channing Tatum is the best dancer ("the rest of us are just dry-humping"). So modest, Joe!

I think my favorite part of the interview might have been when the guys played "Marry, Shag, Kill: The True Blood Edition." Check it out!

Are you totally dying to see Magic Mike?

Image via celebritydirtylaundry

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