Kendall & Kylie Jenner's 'Twilight' Inspired Project Should Insult Fans (VIDEO)

Kendall and Kylie JennerThey've already mastered looking pretty for the camera and -- well, that's pretty much it -- so now Kendall and Kylie Jenner need a new project to tackle. The latest? They're writing a book, potentially a whole young adult book series that they hope will be the next Twilight or Hunger Games. Stop laughing, I'm serious.

They've yet to complete their high school education, and I've yet to hear them complete a full sentence, but we're supposed to believe that these two will actually be writing these books? Who are they trying to fool? Take a look at this March 2012 interview to hear these two brainiacs trying to form sentences about being on the cover of Vogue. And then tell me if you think they're capable of writing another Twilight series. An ACTUAL quote, verbatim:

"I love dresses that are, like, like, really, like, cutesy and short? And then, like, tight? Like tight on the top?"

OMG, like, tell me more?


The Jenner sisters may be aiming in the right direction by choosing to write a science fiction themed book, but I'm pretty sure the Twilight fans are way too smart to fall for their valley girl act. Because like, reading a book that's written like this is, like, so, annoying, like, you know?

With no real plot set in stone, the only thing they know is that the story will take place 200 years in the future. But somehow they also claim the process is going "fast" and they're expecting the book to hit stores sometime next summer. Crazy how two teenagers can develop a concept, write, edit, and publish a book in under a year! Must be nice to be the spawn of -- and have a ghost writer staff hired by -- Kris Jenner.

Face it -- the most contribution they'll have to this book is choosing the font in which their name is printed on the front cover. And they'll still make bank. Sigh.


Would you read a book "written" by Kendall and Kylie Jenner?

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