'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: 6 Most Hilarious Pregnant Snooki-isms

Snooki JWOWWYou know, when Snooki first announced she was pregnant, the world erupted in screams of WHY? But the second episode of Snooki & JWOWW has finally given us the answer.

Snooki got pregnant so we would be able to laugh, hysterically no less, at the kind of thoughts on motherhood and pregnancy that Snooki offers the world.


America! Be glad that Jenni decided that she would move in with BFF Nicole despite her fear (and Roger's warning) that she'd end up playing Mom, driving her to sonogram appointments and holding her hair back when she pukes from morning sickness ... instead of the usual reason. Her decision meant we got these gems out of Snooki:

  1. Jionni thinks it's OK to start touching my stomach and rubbing it, but at this stage in the pregnancy it's only three months and it's creepy! 
  2. My boobs hurt. They feel like milk duds.
  3. I feel like there's a certain age where your sperm won't work and pregnant someone. (A warning directed at Roger, by the way.)
  4. I'm anti-sex now too. We haven't had sex in like a week. And that's long for us.
  5. Where's my Shirley Temple, bitches?
  6. Don't frickin talk about my baby. I'll f--king slice your penis off.

And here she told her dad she was moving in with her bestie because she has to grow up! Maybe some day. But not right now. Not for Snooki anyway.

Which Snooki-ism on motherhood had you laughing the hardest?


Image via MTV

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