Lady Gaga's New 'Suicide' Song Shouldn't Be Controversial (VIDEO)

Lady GagaIf you ask me, Lady Gaga can go ahead and retire that meat dress collection now, because she's stirring up plenty of controversy without resorting to wacky fashion stunts. She may be one of the most famous and successful recording artists in the world, but she sure seems to attract a lot of negative attention over the weirdest things lately -- from being publicly snubbed by Madonna to causing international outrage with her Twitter account.

The latest Gaga-triggered outcry is over the song she debuted in Melbourne on Tuesday night, which is titled "Princess Die." As she explained to the crowd, "This song is a little sad. But it's about some of the most deep and personal thoughts I've ever had," and the lyrics certainly lived up to her promise.

The question is, is Lady Gaga irresponsible for sharing a song with a suicidal theme? Some people certainly seem to think so.


Gaga is currently on the Australian leg of her world tour through July 8, and will begin touring Europe on August 14. She's already completed her upcoming album and plans to reveal the title in September, so it's a little unusual that she'd be playing a "potential" new song on the tour. Maybe she's testing the waters to see how fans and critics accept it? Or deliberately creating more press because of the way she's chosen to share it?

Either way, the ballad is definitely getting a lot of buzz online. Before she played "Princess Die," Gaga said that the song is "in no way reflective of the rest of the music" that will be on her upcoming album, and she's not yet sure if it will be included.

Here's a look at Lady Gaga performing "Princess Die":

If you couldn't quite make out the lyrics, they're ... well, definitely a little different from her usual messages of self-love and empowerment:

Leave the coffin open when I go
Leave my prose and lipstick on so everybody knows
Pretty will be the photograph I leave
Laying down on famous knives so everybody sees

Bleach out all all the dark
I’ll swallow each peroxide shot
Someone I’ll know could love and save me from myself
Maybe I’ll just clean the s— off these fancy shoes
I’ll be a princess die and die with you

I wish that I was strong
I wish that I was wrong
I wish that I could cope
But I took pills and left a note

I’m hungry from an anorexic heart
I’ve been trying to tell you how i feel
But was never very smart
I’m wrapped in silks made for Egyptian queens
I’ll do it in the swimming pool
So everybody sees

Gaga clarified that the song was spelled "D.I.E.," but the end of the song does seem to reference Diana:

I wish that I could go in my rich boyfriend’s limo
Right after he proposed with a 16-carat stone wrapped in rose gold
With the paparazzi all swarming around
In my Louis Vuitton white buttoned down
Oh it’s not that deep
So bob your head for another dead blonde
Whose real prince is in heaven
She just wants to sleep

The final act of life will be my own hands to do,
I’ll be a princess die and die with you
Applaud, approve.

Personally, I think she's talking about her fame persona in this song, and it's more about the struggle of living publicly rather than a literal reference to her own suicide. But who knows, right? Maybe she really is mining her own sadness, or touching on some of the more serious troubles she knows her fans live with.

At any rate, it seems like she should be allowed to sing about whatever she wants, but some people are saying her lyrics in "Princess Die" are irresponsible. Chris Wager, communications director for Lifeline Australia (a suicide prevention service), believes the song is sending the wrong message to impressionable listeners:

Lifeline is very concerned about the nature of the song, particularly as it clearly describes the method of suicide and talks in depth about suicide. It doesn’t actually have any message of hope, of help seeking, or anything of a positive nature whatsoever. We understand artistic license and we get artistic expression, but celebrities need to recognize that they’re role models for young people in the community.

Boy, I don't know if I can agree with that one bit. I mean, I don't think Lady Gaga needs to personally live up to some nebulous role model expectations, and I certainly don't believe she should censor her artistic contributions to make sure she doesn't upset anyone.

I guess some might feel that the song is a romanticization of suicide, but to me it sounds more like she's talking about society's blonde 'martyrs' who were devoured by the public -- Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana -- and the loss of a normal life in the pursuit of fame. But whatever she's talking about, I think she should have the right to express herself however she wants. Meat dresses and all.

What do you think of Lady Gaga's new song? Do you think it sends the wrong message to fans?

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