'People Like Us' Will Make You Feel Better About Your Screwed Up Family (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Banks Chris PineGood news. People Like Us is going to tell you the truth. Families suck, the whole lot of them. But we love them anyway.

It's the premise behind the new Dreamworks summer tearjerker (remember what they did to us last year with The Help? They're trying to do it again!). Elizabeth Banks and Chris Pine are going to make you feel like you're in a tennis match as you bing-bong back and forth between laughing and crying ... but you're going to hate the reason they were brought together in the first place.


Quick summary -- no spoilers, I promise -- Chris Pine is Sam, a fast-talking salesman who just screwed up royally when he gets a call from his mom (Michelle Pfeiffer) that his dad died. He has to hightail it across the country in the middle of his own life crisis, only to land in the middle of a crisis of the family variety. His dad, who he hated (you saw that coming) has left him a note and some money asking him to take care of a woman and kid he's never met.

Enter Elizabeth Banks as Frankie, an equally fast-talking, totally trying to keep her shit straight and failing spectacularly, single mom to a smart-ass (and really sweet underneath) kid. You'll find out soon enough that Banks is Pine's sister, the sister he never knew existed. And wouldn't you know, she hates her father too.

There you go. Families suck. But there's something about watching Banks and Pine figure out how to make their new relationship work made me feel better about how screwed up my own clan is.

This may be the first date movie I've ever seen where I recommend you bring your sibling as your plus one instead of your significant other. And if a popcorn fight erupts between the two of you, all the better. That's kind of the point of People Like Us: messes bond us together.

Banks' frenetic Frankie is her best role yet. She makes you feel like becoming her best friend to hang out and shoot the s--t with her, then sweeping in to help her keep all those balls that a single mom juggles up in the air. And Pine is that goofy brother we love even when he's driving you abso-friggin-lutely crazy (see what I mean about my clan?). Check out the trailer:

People Like Us opens in theaters nationwide today. Bring your family, and a pack of tissues.

Will you be going to see People Like Us? Which screwed up family member will be your date?


Image via Dreamworks

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