Paris Hilton Paparazzi Knockdown Reminds Us She's Still Around

Paris HiltonRemember Paris Hilton? No? She's a hotel heiress who used to have a reality show with Nicole Richie. Then she had another reality show with Charlie Sheen's ex, Brooke Mueller, but hardly anyone watched it. Trust me, she was famous. Google her if you don't believe me! Anyway, Paris was recently knocked down in a skirmish with the paparazzi. She was apparently leaving a nightclub (shocker!) when one of her pals tried to grab a camera away from a pap and Paris was knocked down in her short (very short) dress and high heels. And the scuffle proved one thing. No, not that paps are pushy. It proves Paris Hilton still exists!


Paris was with her old pal Brandon Davis, the guy who is famous for calling Lindsay Lohan "a fire crotch." Scary I know that, eh? They were in a parking garage when a small frenzy of paps descended. One must have knocked her down, because suddenly she was on the ground. Or maybe she "slipped"? Couldn't blame her if she was trying to get a little attention.

These days it's Paris's former friend, Kim Kardashian, who reaps all the headlines, TV ratings, and multimillion-dollar deals. Paris, meanwhile, took a DJ gig in Brazil. Smart move, girl, looking for a career change. Or, rather, a career. Unfortunately, I don't think this one will last. Most reports say it was "disastrous."

But give Paris her due: She virtually invented the "famous for nothing" persona that the Kardashians went on to perfect. Paris had clothing and perfume deals long before Kim. She dated a pop star (Backstreet Boy's Nick Carter) long before Kim. She even had a sex tape long before Kim. Kim should send her some flowers.

But all this means Kim needn't consult a psychic to see where she might be headed -- one look at Paris will do it. Taking a tumble in a parking garage and maybe a DJ gig or two. Bank that buck while you can, Kim.

Do you remember Paris Hilton?

Image via Warranted Arrest/Flickr

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