Mr. '50 Shades of Grey' Wrote His Own Book (Please Say It's Not 'Daddy Porn')

I know, I know, you're tired of articles about Fifty Shades of Grey. Trust me, I'm with you -- at this point they could cast a couple of alpacas in that much-discussed movie and I'd be like, OKAY WHATEVER LLATERS LLAMAS PLEASE GOD LET'S TALK ABOUT DIFFERENT PORN NOW. But this particular piece of 50SoG news was just too interesting not to share: E.L. James' husband has his own book coming out this fall.

Niall Leonard, the husband of the Fifty Shades author, has published a book? The mind BOGGLES, does it not? Could it be the much-hoped-for story from Christian Grey's point of view? Is it more steamy smut, but for men this time? Are we going to start hearing the execrable term "Daddy porn" now? (Nooooooo!)

As it turns out, Leonard's book isn't of the dirty variety at all ... but it IS aimed at an almost equally rabid book audience.


Leonard's novel, Crusher, is a 'gritty' London-set thriller about a 17-year-old school dropout who finds his stepfather murdered, and ends up becoming the prime suspect for the crime. As you might guess, it's written for the YA crowd, and while it may not include a bunch of quasi-kinky sex scenes, his editor claims Crusher is "an electrifying story."

Interestingly enough, Leonard (who's a professional screenwriter) cranked this book out last year during NaNoWriMo, the do-it-yourself novel writing challenge. Meaning, he wrote the whole damn thing during November of 2011, despite the challenges he anticipated:

My friends and family will attest that I have been loudly promising a novel for a very long time. But something would always come up -- a TV episode to write, or a series bible to develop -- or I’d decide the novel’s idea wasn’t quite focused in my mind, or there were too many narrative problems that needed to be solved before I could begin. What amazed and appalled me when I actually started writing was that none of these problems actually existed.

His original plan was to self-publish the book, but for some reason, he managed to attract a publisher's interest, so England's Doubleday will be releasing Crusher in the fall.

Hmmmm. I wonder what could possibly have happened in recent months that generated more interest in his work? Such a mystery!

While being married to E.L. James is clearly a benefit in terms of publicity, you have to feel a little sorry for him as he inadvertently gets pulled into the porn juggernaut of Fifty Shades. I can't imagine how many times he's going to have to clarify that no, Crusher is not about actual romantic crushes -- or vaginal exercise balls, for that matter.

At any rate, it sounds like an interesting story, and I'm wildly impressed by anyone who actually manages to finish NaNoWriMo, much less gets a book deal out of it. Here's hoping Crusher is worthy of the extra attention it's likely going to get, and that Mr. Leonard won't be expected to show up for readings in a silver tie.

Do you think you'll read Crusher when it comes out?

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