Kate Middleton's Parents Moving Into New $7 Million Estate Thanks to Prince William

Carole & Michael MiddletonIf you really want to live the high life after your kids grow up and leave the nest, then you'd better hope they marry into royalty. Prince William has decided to help Kate Middleton's parents buy their dream house, and that's why he forked over a nice wad of cash for their down payment on a $7.3 million home. (Wow. He's one heck of a son-in-law.)

Carole and Michael Middleton will soon be moving into the new estate in Berkshire, and will have plenty of room to relax and sprawl out on its 18 acres.


The massive home is described as a Georgian style, and comes complete with 7 bedrooms, a 17th century fireplace, and a grand entrance hall. And what's really cool is the place supposedly has connections with the royal family that date back to the 1500s. (How's that for a history lesson once the grandkids arrive?)

The house is also very secluded, which will likely make things a lot more comfortable for William & Kate when they come for visits. It's not very easy to relax with hundreds of paparazzi camped outside the door, so I'm guessing 18 acres will provide a bit more privacy.

I'm sure Carole & Michael are more than grateful for their son-in-law's generosity, but I can't help but wonder if it was just a little bit intimidating to accept such a pricey gift, even from a prince? It sure puts a great deal of pressure on them to maintain a picture perfect relationship with him for the rest of their lives. (But then again, maybe that's the idea.)

Would you ever give your in-laws money for a new home?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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