Kate Middleton SHOULD Have Spent Six Figures on Her Clothes

kate middletonIf you were a Duchess slash a national emblem of new royalty, how much do you think would be appropriate to spend on a year's worth of new clothes? Ten thousand? Twenty thousand? One hundred thousand? The Daily Mail estimates that Kate Middleton's wardrobe over the past 12 months has cost upwards of $163,000, and if you ask me, that's not bad at all. Jewelry, accessories, and designer clothes aren't cheap, and Kate can't be skimping on ill-made clothing if she's going to represent a country. She consistently looks impeccable and it's no surprise that her stylish choices cost as much as they did. She's (sorta kinda) a princess for Pete's sake. What would you have her wearing, Fergie's hand-me-downs?

And before you're all like, oh she gets that shit for free, she doesn't. She's gotta pay for everything she wears.


Prince Charles is about to release his financial statements to the public, something he does every year, and his expenditures are projected to show what he's paid for Kate's clothing. She's not allowed to accept gifts, Palace rules and all, so everything she's worn since marrying Prince William had to be purchased. It's not like she's Jennifer Aniston or any other Hollywood leading lady -- no freebies for the Duchess, for better or for worse.

Some predict that the statement will reveal that Charles has spent about $54,000 on Kate's wardrobe, but I'm apt to believe the Daily Mail's assessment, which puts the bill close to $160,000 for the year. Girl wore a lot of designer dresses this year. A lot.

And for what it's worth, I have absolutely zero problem with the cost of her clothing. She has to look phenomenal, and that doesn't come cheap. I also like that she, or someone on the family, must pay for her attire -- seems like the right thing to do since it helps the designers, and the economy. And once you start accepting gifts or, like, bribes with labels, essentially, it's a slippery slope that might start with fashion and end with pardons. Just saying that I like the message it sends.

We'll find out soon enough how much was actually spent on Kate's wardrobe, but if it's $20,000 or $200,000, it won't bother me. I think it's an investment in the royal image and a worthwhile expense. Plus, I like seeing Kate in all her pretty outfits, so yeah, I'm all for a large clothing budget.

Do you think that kind of money should've been spent on Kate's clothes?


Photo via UK repsome/Flickr

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