One Direction Singer's Ferrari Purchase Is a Little Premature -- Just Ask Lance Bass (VIDEO)

one direction harry stylesThere are ill-advised purchases, then there are ill-advised purchases. One of the floppy-haired cuties from One Direction, no, not that one, the other one named Harry Styles, just bought a $200,000 Ferrari California. The boy band star was photographed in his new whip yesterday and it seems like everyone and their mother have an opinion on the matter, not the least of which is Lance Bass.

When TMZ asked the former 'N Syncer what he thought of Styles' stylin' new ride, Lance, speaking from experience, had some sage advice for the young whippersnapper.


Lance said it's a "terrible investment at this stage" and that Harry should SAVE HIS MONEY and invest in something that will make you money, not buy a car that depreciates enormously once you drive it off the lot.

Lance is right. One Direction may be everywhere now, but they've only had ONE album, and who knows what the future holds? Maybe their second album will tank. Maybe there'll be a new it boy band next summer. Maybe everyone in One Direction will catch the pimple plague and ooze gunk from their faces for the rest of their lives, rendering them, entertainment wise, unemployable.

I'm all for rich people spending their money, provided they are, in fact, rich. Miley Cyrus got a hot new Mercedes a few months ago and I was all for it. Girl's got more money than some countries. (I'm looking at you, Greece.) Justin Bieber's Fisker Karma ride cost him around $100,000 ... but he brings in about $55 million a year.

I'm siding with Lance here because I, and maybe he, learned everything about pop stars going broke from the inimitable Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. If you haven't seen her explain how a band that sold 10 million records can go bankrupt, it's worth finding a copy of VH1's Behind the Music: TLC from 1999 for the lesson.

So heed Lance and Left Eye's warnings, Harry. Invest in your future, and not in a Ferrari. For the time being, at least.

Do you think Harry should listen to Lance, or just have fun being a kid with a Ferrari?

Photo via brittneyatambeau/Flickr

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