Jennifer Lawrence Becomes Latest Celebrity Superhero When a Woman Passes Out on Her Lawn

Jennifer LawrenceHunger Games fans, you are not going to believe the latest about Jennifer Lawrence! She totally saved an unconscious woman outside an apartment complex in Santa Monica earlier this week, just like some sort of amazing blonde superhero. God, she really IS Katniss -- courageous, strong, and more than capable of handling herself in an emergency!

Or, you know, maybe she did what any halfway decent human being would have done in the same situation. What IS it about celebrities that makes us deify them when they do something kind, I wonder?


Apparently Lawrence was out walking her dog outside her apartment complex on Monday when she saw a woman suddenly collapse to the ground. Lawrence and another bystander immediately rushed to see if she was all right before calling 911. Paramedics arrived shortly thereafter to administer medical attention to the woman, possibly for alcohol-related reasons, and Lawrence then got dressed up for a night on the town.

The fact that Jennifer Lawrence didn't just ignore a passed-out stronger is being viewed as an act of heroism sure says something about how we regard celebrities, don't you think? I don't know if it's that we're amazed that they actually have feelings and normal human reactions, or if it's that we're so eager to place them on pedestals, but Lawrence is hardly the first celeb to practically be awarded the Bronze Star for proving that she's not a selfish asshole.

Ryan Gosling, for instance, was already known as Manhattan's personal superhero when he stopped a girl from walking into traffic and was instantly leveled up to Greek God status. True Blood star Ryan Kwanten was breathlessly praised for spotting a bloody guy lying in the street and stopping to help him out. Kate Winslet blew everyone away when she assisted Richard Branson's elderly mother from a burning house.

I mean, don't get me wrong -- these are all incredibly awesome things that these actors did, but isn't it strange that we're so ASTOUNDED that an A-lister would stoop to help their fellow citizens? It's almost like we would have been less surprised if they'd made a different choice. (Kate Winslet: "Well, I was going to help her out, but I was worried about my immaculate complexion being exposed to smoke.")

I think stories like this show that certain celebrities are less self-centered than others -- call me crazy, but I doubt we'll be hearing about Paris Hilton giving someone CPR any time soon -- but I bet it's beyond embarrassing for them to be called "heroes" for doing something most good-hearted people would do. When the public acts this shocked and impressed over an act of kindness, it definitely feels like more of a criticism than a compliment.

Do you think the celebrity 'hero' thing is taken too far sometimes?

Image via Flickr/minglemediatv

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