Rielle Hunter & John Edwards’ Split Can’t Be for Real

john edwardsSomewhere right now, John Edwards and Rielle Hunter are sitting in an over-stuffed leather chair, twiddling their fingers, and mumbling, yes, yes, everything's going according to plan to the blue-eyed hairless cat on their laps. In case you missed it, John and Rielle have called it quits. Hunter recently spoke to the media about how they reached a mutual decision to end their relationship because, as Rielle puts it, she couldn't hide anymore.

Now, if this had come from anyone else, I might believe it, but it's coming from two people made famous for their lies, their opportunism, and their sliminess. So when Rielle goes on a talk show to tell the world she and John have ended things a week after her book comes out, you have to wonder who's fooling who.


She told Good Morning America that she and John were a couple as of late last week, but decided to move on after details of her book came out.

Mmmhmm. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't, but only one thing's for sure -- you can't trust whatever they say. I've learned that those two are almost pathological in the way that the conduct themselves and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they hatched this plan, knowing it would get their names in the news, in order to amp of the drama and the intrigue around Rielle's book.

And by saying that they broke up after details of her memoir became public makes it seem, seem, that Rielle exposed things perhaps John didn't want out there and thus dumped her, making it seem, seem, like the book is more interesting and revealing than we ever imagined.

Their breakup is just all too timely to be genuine. And if you take into account the door Rielle left cracked when she said that they still love each other and isn't sure what's going to happen in the future, the "split" becomes even harder to swallow.

Wonder what will be the next convenient time for them to announce they're back together ... does John have a book coming out soon?

Do you think Rielle Hunter and John Edward's split is for real, or for media attention?


Photo via Tony Fischer Photography/Flickr

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