John Travolta Should Stop Getting Massages -- Like Now

John TravoltaAnother day, another guy suing John Travolta. A man who was working on a cruise ship in 2009 claims that Travolta, a passenger on the ship, asked him for a neck massage, then dropped trou and forced a naked embrace on him. When the guy tried to leave, Travolta allegedly offered him $12,000 to keep quiet or to have sex -- depending on which report you believe. The man, Fabian Zanzi, then went to his superiors at Royal Caribbean and filed a complaint.

Travolta's lawyer, who must be the busiest lawyer in Hollywood these days, issued the usual denial: "This is another ludicrous lawsuit with inane claims." Yes, another lawsuit. That's the key word here. Another


According to Zanzi, he delivered room service to Travolta. In the 2009 complaint, Zanzi says that Travolta then asked him for a neck massage, which he complied with briefly. He then told Travolta he needed to leave. Travolta then supposedly asked him if he would come back later that night. Zanzi turned him down and reported the incident.

Now Zanzi is saying that Travolta had also shed his robe and forced a naked embrace on him, a detail not in the original complaint. Zanzi says, at the time, his superiors wouldn't let him write down anything sexual. Travolta's lawyer has seized on this difference, but what about the rest of the complaint? Even if that much is true, it's bizarre behavior. And unlike some of the other complaintants, Zanzi spoke up right away.

Travolta's sexuality is the business of only two people: John and his wife, Kelly. And Kelly is definitely standing by her man -- as evidenced by the two of them all over each other at a recent event.

But if John has harassed anyone, he just made this issue a public one, as public figures involved in lawsuits become news. This isn't about the media picking on Travolta. Plenty of other celebs are gay and keep their sex life out of the papers.

Is Travolta's alleged history of groping and forcing himself on men not being taken seriously because the accusers are grown men? Or because they work in the service industry? Or maybe even because some of them are gay? This has ceased to become about Travolta's alleged sexuality and has become about his alleged predatoriness.

What do you think about all the John Travolta lawsuits?


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