Footage of Lindsay Lohan in 'Liz & Dick' Is 'Just Awful'

liz and dick promo picAfter the big Lindsay Lohan scare a little over a week ago, and the car crash before that, it's no surprise that TMZ is reporting that the producers of Lifetime's Liz & Dick are "worried sick." Apparently, they're totally tweaking out that their star is jeopardizing the flick's filming and might end up back in jail, injured, or worse. Not exactly a laughing matter. But maybe one deserving of some tongue-clucking. Considering LiLo's track record, they probably should have thought about all of this going in!

And if what Star magazine is reporting is true (sure, it's a tabloid, but wouldn't be surprised if they were on-point with this), the production has even more to worry about ...


Like the made-for-TV movie being total dreck. (If they're lucky enough to wrap it, that is!) Because apparently, the Star source reports that LiLo often shows up two hours late to work, "rarely knows her lines," and is annoying the crew with her "diva antics." The best part: "The footage so far has been just awful!" Well, you don't say!

Anyone who is even slightly surprised by this revelation must have been living under a rock the past eight years. How anyone thought Lindz could legitimately pull this off is beyond me ...

But wait. To be fair, it may not only be LiLo's fault. The source attributes the "just awful!" footage to the total lack of chemistry between Lindsay and Grant Bowler, who is playing Richard Burton. See, supposedly, she abhors him and has been campaigning for the producers to replace him ... with an A-lister like Gerard Butler or -- wait for it -- BRAD PITT! Bwhahahaha. Oh suuure -- maybe in a frightening parallel universe!

An insider elaborates:

She was delusional. This is a made-for-TV movie. There's no budget for a big star.

Oooouch! So I guess that means LiLo herself isn't a big star anymore, eh? There's no reason to sugar-coat it: The young woman is a trainwreck, and Lifetime screwed up by thinking they could hire her for the part and not have to endure a heaping of drama. On  second thought, maybe it's what they hoped for all along. But will the network's glaring mistake of hiring a troubled actress to play a film legend translate to major ratings? Guess only time will tell ... 

Are you surprised by LiLo's antics? Does it make you more or less likely to tune into Liz & Dick?

Image via Lifetime

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