'Sister Wives' Season Finale Recap: Christine Is 'Mean' & Kody Is Not a 'Womanizer' (VIDEO)

sister wivesWhew! Last night was some kinda night for Sister Wives fans, right? First we got the hour-long Season Finale, "Leaving the Nest," THEN we got the "Sister Wives Tell-All Special" with Natalie Morales. (I'm starting to feel like I know the Brown family better than I know my own, but whatever.)

So did Kody and the Sister Wives really tell all?! Well, they told some, I guess. But more on that in a minute. First, about the Season Finale. Eldest child Logan is the one "leaving the nest," heading out to college in the fall (and not for nothin'? That kid seems more than ready to go!). Too bad he's apparently going to miss out on living in the biggest Brown "nest" yet ...


Because finally, finally, the Browns seem to have hit the real estate jackpot and the four adjacent houses/compound dream will soon be a reality. (What does this guy do for a living again?! Where is all this money coming from?!)

Anyway, as we learned from the tell-some, it could be that the Browns weren't ready for a compound until now. Apparently Meri and Janelle were arch enemies during the early years, and Christine admitted to being "really mean" to Meri. But all the wives jumped to Kody's defense when Natalie Morales got on Kody's case about the whole "spiritual calling" aspect of polygamy.

"So it's not like you chose religion to be a womanizer," she said. 

"I strongly disagree with that," said Kody, then went on and on about all the "emotional work" he's put into each relationship and how he's I "shouldered their needs" and what not, and all the wives smiled and looked relatively content. And so Season 3 of Sister Wives didn't exactly end with a bang, but as the possibility of a 5th wife is still on the table, Season 4 might open with one.

What do you see happening next for the Sister Wives?

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