5 Celebrity Boob Jobs That Stunned Us All (PHOTOS)

emily maynardDid she or didn't she? Nothing gets celebrity gossips going like the sudden appearance of major cleavage -- where there was none before. Celebs can deny all they want, but sometimes those breast implants are just too obvious to disclaim.

Bachelorette Emily Maynard supposedly visited the boob implants fairy right before her 2010 appearance on Bachelor. (Along with veneers and a nose tweak, according to Us Weekly.) If the rumors are true, she's just falling in a long line of celebs who went under the knife for over-the-top boobs. But while some starlets think bigger is better, others are opting for boob make-unders, tossing out their implants and going back to a natural look.

Let's take a look at five celebrity boob jobs that shocked us the most.


Image via ABC

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