Oprah Gets Scott Disick to Do the Impossible (VIDEOS)

oprah kourtney kardashian scott disickWe all know Oprah is capable of pretty much anything. I secretly believe she might be some sort of demi-goddess, but maybe that's just me. The point is, I wouldn't be surprised if the woman walked on water. And then gave everybody who was standing on the beach watching a brand new car. But Oprah's latest accomplishment? Even I can hardly believe she pulled this one off. Seriously, you'll be shocked: In the 2nd part of her Kardashian Family Interview on Oprah's Next Chapter, Oprah somehow gets Scott Disick to admit something nobody ever thought he'd ever, ever confess ...

Oprah Winfrey got Scott Disick to agree that yes, sometimes, okay fine, yes his behavior can be considered a bit ... oh, all right! Yes, Scott Disick is an a**hole! (And the clouds parted, and choirs of angels sang in praise!)


This clip is sheer genius. She's sooooo clever, that Oprah -- Scotty boy never even knew what hit him! She starts out being super-compassionate and intuitive, talking about how super-sensitive he really is, and how tough it's been for him as an only child to adjust to such a big family ... she's all leaning in, concerned, and he's all wide-eyed (Oprah understands me, she really does!).

And then all of a sudden Oprah's like, "Let's get real here."

Ha! Beautiful. I won't spoil the next few moments of the interview for you, but I will give you one piece of advice: Don't forget to watch Kourtney's face as Scott squirms. Tee-hee!

Check out the first clip to hear Scott actually speak the words, "I'm not claiming I'm not an a**hole at all." Then watch the second clip to see how masterfully Oprah set the trap.

Did you ever think Scott Disick would admit to being a jerk?

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