Hilarious 'Twilight' Spoof Makes Bella & Edward Look Ridiculously Serious (VIDEO)

twilight spoof courage to createWill the Twilight mocking never end? First Robert Pattinson calls Breaking Dawn 2 "funny." Now Glee's Heather Morris (Brittany) is joining the fun in a hilarious spoof of Twilight. The scene is part of a longer video (for a film festival) about Jane, a film student who dreams her way through a few different movies. But of course the best scene is the one with the vampires in the forest.

Heather Morris nails Kristen Stewart's shaky, spaced-out Bella. The guy playing Edward is none other than Hoyt Fortenberry from True Blood (not a vampire, but he dates one on the show). And look who plays Jacob -- we see fur, then muscles, but it's definitely not Taylor Lautner!


The Twilight fun begins at the five-minute mark.

Krayzee! Jacob is played by the boy from Jerry Maguire -- Jonathan Lipnicki. I thought he'd stay 7 years old and in glasses forever, but nope. Now he's all grown up and ... almost as amazing without a shirt as Taylor Lautner, but not quite. (It's all right -- we all know Taylor Lautner is actually just a Pixar CGI creation.) Love the little terrier avatar.

I was shocked, SHOCKED! to hear Jane thinks the dialogue in Twilight is incredibly badly written. You may be wondering what Jane is babbling about with "Meisner" and that repetition technique. Sanford Meisner was one of the Great American Acting! Teachers. He created this acting technique where two actors face each other and respond to each other by repeating the same phrase. I hadn't noticed that the actors in Twilight all do this, but now that Heather's pointed it out, I'm a little bit embarrassed for the writers (of the movie -- not of Stephenie Meyer).

OMG ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? Go back and watch little/big Jonathan Lipnicki flex his muscles again. Also, I know what you are. You're incredibly fast ... and strong. (Psst, your turn: "I'm incredibly fast ... and strong.")

Which do you enjoy more -- the original Twilight or Twilight spoofs?


Image via unrenderedmedia/YouTube

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