3 New 'True Blood' Couples Will Get It On -- But Which Ones?! (VIDEO)

eric and billLet's talk about sex, Truebies. I know, what else is new? Sex and True Blood, really?! Okay, fine, but this week's episode could very well be THE sexiest True Blood to date. Rumor has it that three -- count 'em, three -- couples will be getting it on for the very first time in Episode #51: "Whatever I am, you made me." 

The question, of course, is WHICH three couples?!?! Honestly, it's already like Sex Degrees of Separation in Bon Temps -- hasn't everybody hooked up with everybody at this point? Practically, but not quite. We did the math for you, and these are the only possible love connections left:

We WANT These Couples to Hook Up:
Sookie & Alcide (inevitable!)
Bill & Eric (please, God, please!)
Sam & Vamp Tara (might be very different from Sam & Human Tara)
Pam & Tara (could be interesting!)
Eric & Pam in a flashback (please, God, please!)
Hoyt & anyone (cause he's hot)
Jason & anyone (cause he's hot)
Arlene & Patrick & Terry (why not?)
We DON'T WANT These Couples to Hook Up:
Jason & Steve Newlin (gross)
Jessica & Steve Newlin (gross again!)
Sookie & Sam (it would just be too simple and boring and fantasy-fulfilling)
Chris Meloni & anyone (cause he's scary)
Russell & anyone (cause he's scary)

Image via HBO

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