Jill Zarin Is Delusional If She Thinks We Want Her Back on ‘RHONY’

jill zarinIf there was ever any question about how Jill Zarin feels about being fired from The Real Housewives of New York, let her thinly veiled blog post clue you in: She wants back. And she has a plan.

Gather round and cozy up on the couch or in your ergonomically correct office chair, because Jill's scheme to get back on the Bravo reality show is a doozy. And hilarious. And sad. But mostly hilarious. But somewhat pathetic. But it's pretty funny. (And really pitiful.)


Jill allegedly took to her blog after watching Monday's episode and not-so-subtly asked fans to ask Bravo to ask Jill back on the show. She talked about how Dallas fans back in the '80s were able to coerce the network into bringing back their beloved Bobby Ewing after he was killed off. They accounted for his back-from-the-deadness by saying it was all a dream, that the entire season was a dream, and that Bobby didn't die.

Patrick Duffy, who played Ewing, was brought back on the show and given a huge raise.

You can see where Jill's going with this, but she qualifies everything with a coy: "I'm not advocating anything, just thinking of all the scenarios out loud."

Mmmhmm. Not advocating my ass.

Soon after she posted her thoughts, she deleted the blog. Guess she realized she sounded a little nuts, but even more likely, I bet she realized that this might offend Bravo, the very organization she's trying to woo.

Personally, I like the new cast members. In fact, I say replace Countless and Ramotional, too. Keep Sonja, Aviva, Carol, and that Yummy Tummy lady and bring in some more new blood. And if they bring Jill back ... I mean, they would never, right? Because I'd rather light myself on fire than see Jill get her way. Someone with so little pride makes me uncomfortable.

Are you surprised that Jill's dying to be back on the show?


Photo via bravotv.com

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