Octomom's Latest Money-Making Scheme Could Ruin Other Families


octomomWhen Octomom Nadya Suleman booked a stripping gig at a Florida stripjoint, I thought, Okay. She is doing what she needs to do to support her 14 children. There is no shame in stripping, and many women do it to get through tough times. When she did the masturbation photospread, that was a bit more sad -- not so much because she was willing to have the photos taken, but because the shots had baby paraphernalia in them. Little socks and oneies appeared behind a spread-legged Octomom. Kind of gross, but I guess the woman is in dire straits, and let's face it, she's is not all there. But now she's just done the worst thing yet.


TMZ reports that Octomom is the new spokeswoman for something called "Octoloan," which sets up financially desperate people with high-interest loan companies. I have no idea how the Mafia was put out of the loan shark business when companies like that are allowed to charge up 600 percent interest rates.

What this means is that you "borrow" $1,000, but you end up paying $6,000. Sound smart to anyone? But people get absolutely desperate for a shot of cash and they're not thinking correctly -- or they can't do math. Either way, these types of loans are highly dangerous and can get people into a ruinous amount of debt very quickly, all for not very much money. Avoid, avoid!

But Octomom is selling these loans. At least stripping and masturbating don't get other people into debt. They don't affect anyone but her -- and perhaps her children.

The only thing I can hope is that anyone who sees these ads will think, "Octomom? Isn't that the chick who had 14 kids she can't support, filed for bankruptcy, and is so broke she has masturbate in front of baby socks? Hell no, I ain't buying anything she's selling!" Seriously, that is all I can hope.

What do you think about Octomom's latest way to make cash?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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