A Single Situation Will Mean a Better Ratings Situation for ‘Jersey Shore 6’

Situation and Paula

What happens at the Jersey shore stays at the Jersey shore, right? Lucky for us, not so much. Shocker: sounds like there could already be trouble in paradise for Jersey Shore couple Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and new girlfriend Paula. A source says that they "heard him say 'She's suffocating me, man' and that he needed more space."

Uh ohhhhh. Sigh. Paula, she seems like a great girl. In fact, I really got to like her during Jersey Shore season 5. She seems so low maintenance and chill!

Let's face the facts, though: A single Situation would be better for ratings. Who wants to see Mike go on dates all the time, playing mini golf? Isn't that what Ron and Sam are for? Not my shtick, personally.


Plain and simple: Mike gets into things when he's single. You know, fights, bars, those sort of things. I'm worried that keeping The Situation tied down would mean that Mike won't be up to his usual antics. That's what people tune in for! Cue the party music ... now.

I want to see The Situation shaking his head, sticking his tongue out when he "robs" Vinny's girl. I want to see him fist pumping with Ron when he's fed up with Sam. I most DEFINITELY want to see him lift his shirt every four seconds showing the haters what they're missing. Actually, I don't think being in a relationship's gonna stop him from being an exhibitionist.

To Paula's credit, she is always down to go out. We watched the duo party it up all over Seaside last season. With the official title, though, who knows what we can expect from the couple. Personally, I'm rooting for single Sitch, a whole lot of must-watch drama, and GTL all day every day.

What do you think of Mike and Paula? Do you want to see The Situation single or attached?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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